VKPAK is a professional manufacturer of various types of liquid, powder, paste, granular packing machines. Our machines are widely applied to daily-chemical, cosmetics, pesticides, oil, food, beverage, pharmaceutical and other industries.

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Round Liquid Bottle Rotary Capping Machine

Product Description Round Bottle Rotary Capping Machine This machine combines bottle-in, cap-sorter, cap-elevator,capping and bottle-out altogether in one. The rotary structure , catching the lid in the certain position,stable and reliable. It does no harm to bottle and lid . High capping efficiency, high qualified rate of capping, and wide...


Automatic Round Jars Labeling Machine Manufacturer

Product Description 1. The Scope of Application Label differnet size round objects in food, medicine, daily chemical and other light industries. 2. Equipment composition Electrical cabinet,Conveying mechanism,Separate bottle device,Roll label device,Brush label device,1# labeling engine,Operation system and control system ; 3. Equipment function characteristics 1) Control system: Use SIEMENS brand...

Economical autoamtic liquid soap filling machine

Economical automatic liquid soap filling machine

Features: Economical autoamtic liquid soap filling machine is suitable for filling viscosity liquid, such as cream,lotion, shampoo, sauce,honey,ketchup, and other viscous liquid. Automatic controlled by computer (PLC), touch screen control panels. Totally enclose form, submergence filling, high measurement accuracy. Compact and perfect feature, liquid cylinder and conduits easy dismount and...


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