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1, It adopts gravimetric filling with high measuring precision and can’t be influenced by material.
2, There are fast and slow feeding valves, which promote filling speed and precision greatly.
3, Widely measuring range and the accuracy is ±10g/barrel.
4, Filling nozzle adopts anti-leak device, air-free in the filling material.
5, Feeding and filling automatically, equipped with pneumatic nipping and capping set
--With convenient and practical foot switch.

Usage Characteristic:
This series equipment is used in production gas containing water of PET polyester bottle-packing carbonated be vorage, such as Coca cola, Pepsi-cola, Sprite drink etc.
It carries out washing bottle, filling and capping on one machine. The whole machine designing is reasonable. The appearance is beautiful and the maintenance is convenient. It adopts bottle handing technology to make changing bottle more convenient, faster and easier. The main machine adopts advanced PLC control ,Touch screen and no-bottle,no-cap system The key electric elements are from famous international brand.

· Accuracy : Class 3
· Capactiy : 2kg~300kg
· Quantitative Filling
· Automatically cut off
· Intrinsically-safe Explosive-proof
· Safe and reliable
· One key set
· Simple and convenient
· Automatic tare of the filling gun and bottle weight, filling operation convenient