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Scope of Application
4 Heads 20 Litre Automatic Lube Oil Filling Machines is full automatic. It is widely used in filling a variety of oils and viscous liquids, such as peanut oil, blend oil, rapeseed oil, water, essential oil, lube oil,antifreeze, and so on. The structure of 4 Heads 20 Litre Automatic Lube Oil Filling Machines is very stable, durable, mechanize.

Like these bottles, you could see that, cetianly, our suitable bottles sizes and types are very widely.

Principle Features of 4 Heads 20 Litre Automatic Lube Oil Filling Machines
1. Convenience and quick in dosage,
2. Filling volume only need to be set on the touchscreen directly,
3. Automatic temperature-compensated system.
4. The filling accuracy of 4 Heads 20 Litre Automatic Lube Oil Filling Machines : instead of the tranditional computing type of flowmeter -- through pulse generator, now promoted by our company, adopting rotary encoder is more accurate.
5. The filling speed: instead of the traditional power delivery -- pressure artesian flow. our 20-30L piston type 4 Heads 20 Litre Automatic Lube Oil Filling Machines is adopting frequency converter to adjust the filling speed and the efficience is raised higher. The filling speed of 4 Heads 20 Litre Automatic Lube Oil Filling Machines can be arbitrarily adjusted on panel.
6. The accuracy adjustment is promoted by our company, the filling weight can be set on the touchscreen.The equipment carries on automatic conpensation system when error occurs.
5. Each filling head’s speed can be set on touchscreen.
6. The conveyor belt of heat transfer fluid oil filling machine be adjusted by frequency conversion.

The main engine is made of stainless steel.
The parts in contact with material is made of 304 stainless steel.
Janpan Keyen Ce sensor
France Schnaid relay element
Taiwan Airtac pneumatic element
Mitsubishi PLC and frequency converter

Automatic Piston Filler are supermatic qualified filling equipment controlled by PLC,
all functions display on touch screen panel. Combine latest technology at present in worldwide,
adopt imported FESTO pneumatic components from Germany, or AIRTAC from TAIWAN; MISUBISHI
from Japan.
Machine is SS construction, measure up to GMP standard.
Machine is suitable for all kinds of Liquid or Low Viscosity, also can costomized according to the
customers' special requests. It's also suitable for various shapes of the bottles. It's the best choice
for the bulk production or automation production, such as pharmaceuticals, food, beverage, chemical, condiments, Oil, lube, cosmetics industries.

Machine Feature:
1. Adopt PLC control,and touch sreen panel, can save abundant of data.
2. PLC adopt SIMENS, MITSUBISHI, or TAIWAN brand. With high quality.
3. Machine is SS construction, touched parts are SS 316L.
4. Pneuamtic Parts are FESTO or AIRTAC based on different cost.
5. Filling nozzle has anti-leak function. Avoid pollution.
6. Adopt diving nozzle, and lifting filling method, suitable for foam material.
7. Adopt automatically filling capacity adjusting, convenient for adjustment.
8. Material Tank adopt automatic liquid level detection.
9. Equip with automatic production lines: bottle sortor, filler, cap feeder, sealer,
labeler, printer, packer and etc.