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1. This machine consist of bottle washing machine -- filling and capping machine -- round bottle labeling machine.
2. Bottle unscrambler adopts the new concept design, completely replace the manual put bottles, high degree of automation.
3. Vertical labeling machine adopts PLC and stepping motor/servo control, accurate labeling position, high efficiency.
4. Machine body and parts contacting liquid are made by304 stainless steel.
5. Full compliance with GMP requirements.

Filling machine is mainly applicable to filling/capping operation for 30-500ml plastic or glass bottles. 10 pumps are used for double-headed filling/capping. In order to increase corresponding output, stainless steel pumps can be added. liquid filling machine structure allows filling production for high-capacity liquid like large infusion, syrup etc. filling machine has simple structure, is convenient in maintenance and easy for operation. It is advised to choose corresponding electric configuration and dust cover.