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1. Beautiful and novel appearance, compact structure.
2. The main stroke adopts pneumatic control, filling the foot control, convenient and labor-saving operation and adjustment.
3. Machine with the bottom of the barrel, the table, the pulley. Modeling simple, more convenient to use.
4. Closed without leakage.
5. All parts in contact with the material, shell, plate by SUS304 or SUS316L stainless steel material.
6. Adopts pneumatic control, convenient operation and maintenance, a position indicator, accurate measurement, and stepless regulation.
7. Work stable and reliable operation.

1 This machine adopts servo motor drive, PLC and touch screen control, 316L high precision gear pump filling principle, suitable for daily chemical, food, grease and other kinds of fluid and semi fluid material filling.
2 Filling volume through the touch screen adjustment, filling volume is infinite, easy to dismantle the pump head & easy to clean, very suitable for the user who has many kinds of products, need to regulate the filling scope all the time.
3 High filling accuracy can achieve less than 0.5ml accuracy.
4 Can set two-speed filling(first faster and last slower), effectively prevent the bubble.
5 Through the touch screen one key to realize the gear pump operation direction Switching, can choose the pneumatic drip filling nozzle and hopper, ensuring high and low viscosity materials filling.
6 Humanized Dynamic interface, the user at a glance at the machine running state.
7 The machine can be used as table-top model with foot pedal, can also be matched with automatic capping machine and labeling machine in line.