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Use rotary piston way, filling precision, using light point control, folding sealing, all work with high precision cylinder full stroke control, easy to adjust filling volume, the filling speed can be adjusted. It applies to all kinds of composite tubes, plastic pipe and metal pipe filling and sealing, date printing, cut the tail. Folding neat appearance, folding strong, high accuracy, good stability. According to the different material properties, Optional ingredients bucket heating system, anti-leak filling head Machine, adopts imported PLC control, import the original frequency control, pneumatic components using (AIRTAC), import original (SICK) photoelectric sensors, high stability.

This type of filler is best suited for liquids with very thin viscosities that do not change with ambient temperature or with batch variation. This machine is also suited for applications where recirculation of the liquid in the fluid path is not desireable. Although this type of filler is used predominantly on products that do not foam, foam may be limited and controlled by subsurface/bottom-up-fill .This is the most economical type of filling machine for a limited range of applications. It is especially well suited for corrosive chemicals.It is used international famous brand electrical and pneumatic components, Automatic controlled by computer (PLC ), touch screen control panels ,and high-quality stainless steel frames, easy operating, Little noise ,long service life element , High reliability, metering regulate accurate and handily.The time gravity filler is an effective low cost technology with limited flexibility.

Main function
The machine is advanced high precision filling machine which can complete the bottle counting, filling and capping process automatically.

It is widely used to filling many kinds of viscid liquid into glass bottle, tin and can, such as the paste and sauce.

1.  Compact structured, good-looking, easy to operate and highly automated.
2.  Parts with contact with material are all made of stainless steel of food-grade, no dead angles and easy to clean up.
3.  Filling volume is controlled with film valves to ensure accurate filling.
4.  High-speed and highly accurate filling valves ensure no loss of liquid at high speed.
5.  Capping heads are magnetic constant-torque equipped to ensure capping quality with no damage.
6.  Highly effective cap sorting and feed in system is protective for feed in and cap absence.