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It's a highly automated packing machine. It's capable to finsh the whole packing procedure from tray/cup forming,food loading, packing vacuum, gas flushing, sealing, cutting and to the final ready package.It works fast and smart. It can also help to save packaging cost. Nowadays, it has been widely applied in many fileds, such as food, chemical,medical,etc.

With our package, the food can be stored longer, and look more appealing! The smooth packing line can protect the food from getting contaminated. The protective gas flushing in the package is helpful to keep the food look fresh and stay longer. The easy tear corner makes the package easy to peel.

High efficiency: It can finish over 10,000 packages per day.
Labor saving: It can finish the whole packing process from film forming to ready package.
Easy operation: It's easy to control the whole machine with PLC touch screen.
Customized: It's customzed to do the size ,material and shape of the package.
Multi-functional: It's optioinal to add extra function, such as untraviolet sterlization,auto weighing,etc.
Durable: Even a tiny part is of high top brand, such Busch pump, Schneider components.
Easy to maintain: 304 stainless steel,as the major material of the machie, is high corrosion resistance.
After-sale service: Our engineers are able to service overseas.

This machine is specially made for canning all kinds of viscousity materials, such as chocolate paste,peanut butter, honey, butter, Mayonnaise, ketchup etc. And all kinds of jam with small fruit pieces in it (size less than 3mm*3mm) filling in bottles .This machine is our special design and enjoy good reputation in world market . All the contacted part with the filling material is high quality stainless steel.. The machine adopts piston pump for filling. By adjusting the position pump, it can fill all of the bottles in one filling machine, with quick speed and high precision.

Use automatic volumetric piston pump executive filling ,it is applicable for various viscosity liquid ,high precision; fast disassembly institutions of pump ,easy to clean and disinfect.
PLC control system,frequency control,high degree of automation.
No bottles not filling automatic counting functions.
Filling capacity is easy to adjust ,all metering pump filling quantity can be adjusted one time , can also be aimed at each pump on micr measurement adjustment .Simple operation and quick adjustment.
Filling head equipped with pneumatic drip tight device.
vacuum sealing to keep filling material with long experation date .
The machine can be used for various specifications of bottles, adjust the simple, can be finished in a short time.
The design of machine according to GMP requirement.

This semi automatic tomato sauce filling machine is suits for different viscosity of liquid and paste, filling driven by pneumatic, The pneumatic part adopts pneumatic components AIRTAC, high filling precision. It is an ideal device for high viscosity of liquid and paste filling. The machine can be widely used in food, cosmetics, medical and chemical industry and so on.
1. The machine has been redesigned on the base of the same product at abroad.
2. It increases some additional functions which make the product easy and convenient to operate
3. It has a table which can be ordered according to your requirements.
4.The machine design is reasonable, model compact, desktop structure, saving space.
5.Material contact parts use 316L stainless steel materials meet GMP requirements.