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The Auto honey filling line is dosing filling for any liquid, semi-liquid. Widely used in Food, Beverage, Chemical, Medicine,Oil, Condiments industries. Such as: Honey, Milk, Juice, Soy, Shampoo, detergent, Cosmetic, Edible Oil, Lube, Pesticide and etc.

Main Features
1) Construction of the machine body: Whole filling machine produced by SUS304, materials touched parts are SS 316L, Measure up to GMP standards;
2) Select PLC control system, touch screen operation panel can save multi-groups of datas;
3)Adopt lifting filling, ensure no bobble;
4)Filling nozzles with anti-leaking function;
5)Easy to operate, no bottle no filling, auto orientation detection;
6)PLC controlled by: SIMENS (from Germany) or MITSUBISHI (from Japan);

Usage: This machine is mainly used for peanut butter, kethcup, sauce, honey, syrup, sauce, jam, oil, etc.

Feature and function:
1. This machine adopts plunger type metering piston pump filling, high precision;
The structure of pump adopts fast disassembly institutions, easy to clean and disinfect.
2. PLC control system, color touch screen display.
3. This machine has function of no bottle no filling and automatic counting, avoid wasting of product.
4. The filling nozzle was equipped with drip-proof device.
5. Machine body and the parts contacting proudct are made by high quality stainless steel.
6. Machine meets requirements of GMP standard.

1. Electronic and pneumatic routs are protected by a control box ( to keep them from humidity and short circuit caused by water from cool air)
2. Equipped with security door and protection cover, 3 color alarm lamp(Safe design, intelligent alarm)
3. Poly carbonate for protection cover (transparent,pressure bearing , and can be cleaned by alcohol)
4. Equipped with no –drip nozzles and plate to collect the dripping liquid ( avoid dripping liquid polluting the containers)
5. Equipped with horizontal position bottle locator ( to keep the nozzles accurately aim at the bottle neck )
6. 304 frame, parts touching product is made of USU316L, manufactured by Taiwan producer