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Main characteristics:
This machine adopts piston filling and time gravity filling both, it is suitable for non-viscous, low viscous and high viscous material at the same time.

The piston filling system of this machine could achieve bottle inlet counting, ration filling, bottle output etc automatically. It suits for high viscous material such as wood floor wax care, engine oil, edible oil etc ration filling.

The time gravity filling system adopts time control flow principle. It suits for wood floor cleanser, toilet cleaning etc filling.

Automatic 4-18 heads soybean oil filling machine is applied for edible/olive/lubricating oil /olive oil/ cbd oil filling in field of foodstuff as well as similar liquid filling.

--Adopt volumetric piston pump, pneumatic control SS check valve to fill various kinds of liquid with different viscosity;
--Pneumatic control piston pump, easy to adjust filling volume;
--Adopt top liquid hopper, with auto level sensor to control stuff supply and stop;
--Auto anti-leaking filling nozzle, prevent drop while filling;
--Convenient to take out componet parts to clean and sterilize, easy to change different bottles without changing parts.
--Frequency inverter speed control, no bottle no fill.
--All electrical elements adopt MItsubishi, Schneider brand.
--Whole machine designed and manufactured according to GMP regulation.