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Product introduction:
Semi-automatic pasty fluid filling machine is manufactured using latest technology at home and abroad for reference. The whole structure is rational, compact, beautiful and meticulous. It is according to GMP on food, medicine, daily use chemical industries with the use of all stainless steel and pipes adopting health-class quick coupler, and appropriate for split charging quantificationally of pasty fluid, viscous body and sauce with granules or other material with bad flowability, such as cream, puff, chocolate center, jam, peanut butter, honey, chilli sauce, tomato sauce, salad dressing and other material produced in food, daily use chemical, chemical, cream, grease, condiment and other industries.

Brief Introduction:
This Multifunctional cigarette rolling machine automatic filling small digital control pump liquid filling machine in Shanghai consists of Automatic Bottle Unscrambler,Filling machine,Light inspection machine,Pressing and Capping Machine,Vertical Type Labeling machine and Boxing Machine,it can complete bottle sorting,filling, plugging, capping,inspecting,labeling,packing,mainly used in essential oil,e-liquid cigarette oil,eye drop,and other small dosage of solution, also can be used single independently.

l Suit for single item mass production.
l Same bottle diameter different bottle height is ok.
l The main engine is equipped with step less frequency speed control
l Widely used in pharmaceuticals and cosmetic industries
l Meet with requirement of GMP standard completely with higher precision in filling
l The parts which contacts liquid are SUS316L stainless steel and others are SUS304 stainless steel
l All electric parts use well-known brand overseas..
l With temperature control panel, can heat density oil to make it easy to fill.
l With English instruction manual and video to tell how to operate
l Package with wooden case or pallet, no damage.

Automatic Bottle Unscrambler: An advanced machine which can arrange disorderly and unsystematic bottle and send them to orbit.

E-cigarette filling, pressing and capping machine: Human-machine interface operation, filling by peristaltic pump, replace air cylinder with vacuum drives manipulator for plugging, acquire higher stability and percent of pass. Constant torque cap screwing, No bottle no filling, no plug no capping and automatically stop if cap and plug is under-supply.

Light inspection machine: Minimum 3 microns can be detected, detection time only 3 milliseconds of Cap bottle whether there is damage, liquid suspensions, Visual inspection (shelf-life, bar code), as well as other quality testing.

Vertical Type Labeling machine: Wide application range, to meet all round bottle labeling or semi-circle label, bottle label switching between simple, easy adjustment

Boxing Machine: Easy to operate, connect with the equipment such as labeling machine and so on. Enhance the product’s grade and raise labor productivity.