Automatic Stainless Steel Liquid Filling Machine

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Features and Advantages

1. The series machine is compact and reasonable in design and beautiful and decent in appearance.
2.The machine is made of imported mechanical parts ,pistons,cylinders,stainless steel and PTFE.
3.The machine is light and convenient with brand new horizontal design and automatic material drawing,removing the trouble of frequent feeding of the vertical material hopper.
4. The filling system of the machine adopts ferrule type rapid installation sanitary connector. The whole cylinder can be easily assembled, disassembled and cleaned from top to bottom without any tools. The structure is simple in design and convenient in operation and maintenance.

1. Q: How does this machine control filling volume?
A: It controls filling volume by setting travel of piston for each valve. The volume= sectional area of quantitative cylinder X travel of piston.
2. Q: Is there other filling capacity can be chosen?
A: Yes, the filling capacity is up to 5Litre. We can customize it for you according to your bottle size.
3. Q: Our liquid has foam when fill, can you solve this problem for us.
A: Don't worry, this machine has dive filling function such nozzles can dive in to the bottle to fill. Also nozzles can rise while filling.
4. Q: I know this machine can fill viscosity liquid, but can this machine fill liquid with good mobility also?
A: Yes, that's right.
5. Q: Our country's voltage is different from China, can you supply machine with the power supply same as our country?
A: Sure, we can customize it for you.