Automatic jar screw capping machine with speed adjustment controller single head glass bottles capper tightner equipment

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Automatic jar screw capping machine with speed adjustment controller


I. Equipment Single Head Capping Machine Overview

Adopts stainless steel material, the machine is corrosion-resistant and easy to clean. With compact structure design, it takes up small floor space. Whereas, with high efficiency and reliability, it is a machine with high automation which requires only one operational personnel. It is an automatic filling and capping equipment combining mechanism, electricity and pneumatics into one.

II. Technical Parameters of automatic jars capping machine

Automatic jar screw capping machine with speed adjustment controller1

Model No. NPACK-AC60
Applicable for Crown cap
Applicable bottle height 60-380mm
Applicable bottle neck diameter 16-50mm
Motor voltage 220v(customize)
Motor power 0.37kw
Production capacity 1200-1500bottles/hour
Machine size 600*210*900mm
Packing Wooden carton
Machine weight 140kg

(Note: The machine model YX-AC60 is fed by worker's hand for cap on the jars; it is optional to choose the Automatic Caps feeding system whose pictures is showed as below)

Automatic jar screw capping machine with speed adjustment controller2

III. Equipment Installation
The machine does not require pre-buries anchor screws. After it is unpacked, place the whole machine on solid and flat floor and then adjust the machine leg screw height.

Use level gauge to correct any tilt to make sure every leg has even load bearing. Once adjustments are finished, connect and fix well the water inlet hose, waste discharging hose, power supply and air source.

IV. Using & Operation (Panel Functions)


1. Switch on the main power switch and the switch at the right of the equipment case, and then the human-computer interface displays the start-up screen as below:

2. Click on one of the icon, and the screen will be shifted to below:

3.0 Click the SET to enter into the below screen:

3.1 Capping Delay means when there is bottle sensed, the delay starts until the next movement. It adds convenience to the adjustment of different size bottles.

3.2 Capping Speed is the rotating speed of the capping motor.

Capping Setting displays the pulse value which shows the capping time and capping position.

Work flow of the capping goes bottle-clipping—capping-capping position resuming—bottle-clipping off. When the Capping Delay is with 0, it means no delay is set.

4.0 Click the corresponding digit box at the right of the parameters and below parameter adjustment screens will pop up, where CR is for clearing, ES for existing and Enter for confirming. When Clicking Manual, the mode will be shifted to auto mode, and the machine will run automatically.


5.0 Back to menu screen and click Manual at the bottom of the screen to enter into below screen. If separate manual operations are required, click corresponding switches to continue.

6.0 Back to the menu screen and click Check to enter into below screen. When the indicator is on, it shows the corresponding input on the PLC has signal input. See below screen:

Work Flow

before machine starttouch screen displays startup screen 
select languagescreen turns to menu screen 
click Manual at the bottom of the screenScreen turns to manual operation modeDuring manual run, click the corresponding number on the keyboard during commissioning
click Autoscreen turns to the auto modeclick auto start, all procedures will be started
click emergency stopunder emergency stopPress the emergency stop if any abnormities occur during production and re-press it when abnormities are solved
bottle-clipping commissioningThere are screws for fixing bottle-clipping cylinder at the two sides of the conveyor. When the hexagonal socket nut  M8 and star grip knob are loosened, it can be moved forward and backward to fix the bottle at the grip of bottle-clipping deviceThe bottle clipping tightness should not be two tight or too loose but be appropriate
capping commissioningloosen the  star grip knob and rotate the hand shank at the back of machine toDuring capping, it should not be too high or low the contact of capping head and the bottle cap

V. Illustrations of the PLC Input & Output

X1 Capping Detect: When there is bottle being sensed, the X1 indicator will be on. Then the delay starts, and the bottle-clipping and capping starts after delay finishes.

X0 E-stop: During normal situation, the X0 indicator will be off. When it is depressed, the machine will stop, and all movements will resume to their original.

Y0 Capping Pulse: when the Y0 indicator is on, it shows there is pulse at work.

Y2 Capping Direction: When the Y2 indicator is on, it shows the capping direction is at work.

Y3 Conveyor Motor: When the Y3 indicator is on, the conveyor runs.

Y4 Bottle-blocking Valve: When the Y4 indicator is on, it shows the bottle-clipping cylinder is working.

Y6 Capping Valve: When the Y6 indicator is on, it shows capping valve is working.

Y7 Bottle clipping Valve, When the Y7 indicator is on, it shows the bottle-clipping cylinder is working.

VI. Common Faults & Trouble-shooting

NOFaultsPossible CausesSolutions
1power indicator  Unlit  or lit power indicator but machine without movementsno power supply or phase loss problemCheck if there is any problem with the incoming power supply and power supply in the cabinet.
2The cylinder does not move or moves abnormallywhether there is air supplyopen the air supply
there is no voltage with the solenoid valveCheck the circuit status by firstly check whether there is power supply with the corresponding working station in the cabinet. If there is, then check the external circuit.
throttle valve with inappropriate adjustmentsAdjust the position of throttle value to when it rotates clockwise, the cylinder speeds up; when it rotates counterclockwise, the cylinder speed decreases.
3 Whether the parameters of time setting are appropriate or 0.reset the time settings
 4capping not tightbottle-clipping is not tight or spins or the capping time is too shortadjust the bottle-clipping device or increase the capping time

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