6 Head Shampoo Filling, Semi-Automatic Shampoo Filling Machine

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4 6 8 10 Heads Servo Motor Shampoo/Detergent Pet Care Products Filling Machine is suitable for products of various viscosities such as water injection, semi-fluid, ointment and shampoo etc.
It is widely applied for filling of products in such industries as food, cosmetics, medicine, grease, daily chemical industry, detergent, pesticide and chemical industry etc.
By adopting straight line filling model, it can be used to fill solution of different types without the need of adding any spare parts.


Fully Automatic Piston Cloth Wash/Car Washer Filling Machine is made of electrical components of internationally famous brands.
Cylinder : Germany Festo dual actuating cylinder
PLC and touch screen from Mistubishi
with 6 meter conveyor
Motor: From Japan
Omron Phototube
Filling volume:30-500ml, 60-1000ml, 250-2500ml, 500-5000ml
Filling material : shower. Shampoo. Detergent. Lotion,conditioner,body spray,liquid soad, liquid hand washer, ail polish remover etc liquid products

The filling machine is a microcomputer (PLC) programmable control, photoelectric sensor, pneumatic execution in one of the high-tech filling equipment. This filling machine is specially used for filling food, such as liquor, soy sauce, vinegar, condiment, vegetable oil, syrup, mineral water and other pesticide liquid. Filling measurement accuracy, no drip. Can be applied to 50-1000ml various bottle types (including shaped bottles) filling.

Advanced design
⊙The filling machine suit for different specifications of the container filling, can be change filling specifications within a few minutes.
⊙Filling cycle is short, high production capacity.
Unique filling method
⊙Designed to use linear group into the bottle, a bottle of the way to expand the filling function, a variety of shapes of containers, can effectively fill in the equipment.
⊙Use of international advanced gas filling valve to ensure that the filling process without dripping, no coveted.
⊙Strong technical team and intelligent software support, can achieve the ideal filling operations.
All operations are completed on the touch-screen.