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NPACK Automatic Filling Machine with 6 filling nozzles, filling volume adjustment system motor, PLC controlled by SIMENS (from Germany) or MITSUBISHI (from Japan) and itelligent touch screen. It's very easy to adjust the filling volume. Adopt FESTO (from Germany) or AIRTAC (from Taiwan) pneumatic components, Container
position will be fixed by air-cylinder, we can adjust the position of filling heads accordiong to the shape of the container,ensure the stable filling action. Drip proof system adopt air-cylindercontrol, it will plug up the filling nozzle, meanwhile adopts a new patent principle-Vacuum pump back, completely avoid the material leak.

The Auto Filling Line is dosing filling for any liquid, semi-liquid. Widely used in Food, Beverage, Chemical,Medicine,Oil, Condiments industries. Such as: Honey, Milk, Juice, Soy, Shampoo, detergent, Cosmetic, Edible Oil, Lube, Pesticide and etc.

Feature of the automatic filling machine:
Construction of the machine body: Whole filling machine produced by SUS304, materials touched parts are SS 316L, Measure up to GMP standards;

Select PLC control system, touch screen operation panel can save multi-groups of datas;

Adopt lifting filling, ensure no bobble;

PLC controlled by: SIMENS (from Germany) or MITSUBISHI (from Japan);

Pneumatic parts adopt: FESTO (from Germany) or AIRTAC (from Taiwan);

Filling nozzles with anti-leaking function;

Easy to operate, no bottle no filling, auto orientation detection;

Can equip with auto production line: bottle sorting, filling, cap feeding, capping, sealing, labeling, printing, packing and etc.

6 Heads professional china factory paste liquid mineral water filling machine
This type of filler is best suited for liquids with very thin viscosities that do not change with ambient temperature or with batch variation. This machine is also suited for applications where recirculation of the liquid in the fluid path is not desireable. Although this type of filler is used predominantly on products that do not foam, foam may be limited and controlled by subsurface/bottom-up-fill .This is the most economical type of filling machine for a limited range of applications. It is especially well suited for corrosive chemicals.It is used international famous brand electrical and pneumatic components, Automatic controlled by computer (PLC ), touch screen control panels ,and high-quality stainless steel frames, easy operating, Little noise ,long service life element , High reliability, metering regulate accurate and handily.The time gravity filler is an effective low cost technology with limited flexibility.